2021 Virtual Workshop

June 22, 2021

11:00 am ET (20min) 
Why are you here? What are you hoping to get out of the next two days?

11:20 am ET (20min) – 
Touching Base & System Refresh 
How WP, WHMCS & WHM interact & work together; Bringing everyone on the same page.

(5 min break)

11:45 am ET (25min) – 
Looking further into WHM
How to define account usage, cPanel packages, changing quota, Installatron apps, etc.

(5 min break)

12:15 pm ET (25min) 
Looking further into WHMCS
How to define account usage, mass emails, module commands, logs, etc.

12:40 pm ET (20min)
Q&A and live discussion in Voice Channel

(30 min break)

1:30 pm ET (~45min)  
Discussion/Panel: What’s Possible with Domains?
John Stewart, University of Oklahoma
Keegan Long-Wheeler, University of Oklahoma
Tim Clarke, Muhlenberg College
Caroline Sinkinson, University of Colorado, Boulder
Amanda Seal McAndrew, University of Colorado, Boulder

2:15 pm ET (25min) 
Common Troubleshooting Tips for Domains

(5 min break)

2:45 pm ET (25min) 
Supporting and Administering Domains
Long-term Management: Exit Strategies & Deprovisioning

(5 min break)

3:15 pm ET (10min)
SPLOTs: What is a Site Template/SPLOT? How can these be put to use?
Sharing examples & installation process.

3:25 pm ET (35min)
Begin building a site template with your community in mind

4:00 pm ET (20min)
Wrap up; stay or leave Q&A

June 23, 2021

11:00 am ET (10min) –
Open / Debrief

11:10 am ET (~50min) – 
Panel: Where DoOO you Live: the Various Domains of Domain of One’s Own 
Andy Rush, University of North Florida
Amie Freeman, University of South Carolina
Blair Tinker, University of Rochester
Lee Skallerup Bessette, Georgetown University
Marie Selvanadin, Georgetown University

(5 min break)

12:05 pm ET (~55min) 
Live Breakout Discussions:
IT Departments
Ed Tech
Digital Humanities

(5 min break)

1:05 pm EST (~1hr) – 
Chats with DoOO Admins
(20 min) Measuring the Impact of Domains: Tom Woodward, Middlebury College
(10 min) Q&A, Discussion
(20 min) Why Reclaim Cloud: Mo Pelzel, Grinnell CollegeKathleen Fitzpatrick and Kristen Mapes, Michigan State University
(10min) Q&A, Discussion


2:30 pm EST (~1hr) 
Impromptu Show & Tell
Have a cool use case for DoOO? Want to highlight work from your community? Have a strategy or workflow that has been successful for administering DoOO? Share it here!

(5 min break)

3:30 pm EST (30 min) 
Closing & Final Q&A; Connect with others